Unbromated Flour

Potassium Bromate is an additive included in flour production that improves the flour.  It strengthens the dough and makes the dough rise faster.  This is helpful for larger bakeries. However, Potassium bromate is an additive that is classified as a category 2B carcinogen which may be cancer causing and overall unhealthy.  It has been banned in most countries other than the United States.


Although in the United States it is used because the potassium bromate is completely used up in the baking process, which is believed to remove the cancer threat, Brian's Foods has modified our recipes to include only UNBROMATED flour to make sure our customers are not concerned by the potential threat of potassium bromate.  We want to try and help our customers stay healthy while enjoying our products.



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Enriched Flour

All Brian's Foods products are now made with enriched flour. Enriched flour is made with extra nutrients that are not generally found in flour. These nutrients are normally taken out of the flour during the process


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